Meet Amos

Member Spotlight

Save the horses 012014 033 - amosWe would like you to meet Amos, a brand new member that joined Georgia Horseback Riding in early January. But you wouldn’t know it as Amos jumped right in and has already become our most active member.

He commutes in from Gainesville, GA to attend our Meetups and has already attended six, however, this figure does not include the many countless times he has visited the Save the Horses Rescue on his own to tirelessly help out on the farm. Whether it is mucking out stalls, laying shavings or turning out horses, Amos is an incredible team player who works hard and manages to share his warm spirit and enthusiasm to motivate others.

Amos is a retired, disabled Army Veteran from the Iraq war. This fact makes his commitment to the group, the horses, and our country so much more special. We salute you Amos!

Here is more information about Amos
When I was in Iraq, I saw people living with little to nothing, but they were happy. After I was injured and started to heal, I felt a strong need to do things for others. I have a gift. It’s evident in my big heart, my faith, and my compassion for anyone in need (people as well as animals.)

(GHR) What has your experience been so far with the group?
(AMOS) My experience with the awesome group of owners and volunteers has been an extremely rewarding one. Everyone enjoys helping the animals and each other. The joy and love are felt by all.

(GHR) What do you like best about horses?
(AMOS) horses are so sweet and gracious. Sweety, Trudy and many others are just so wonderful to be around. It is so fun to watch the interaction of the volunteers with the animals. It shows so much love which is so dawg gone cool.

(GHR) Tell us anything about yourself that most people don’t know.
(AMOS) Most people don’t know that I achieved the highest rank you can reach in the military as an enlisted soldier in less than 18 years. I was a Sergeant Major. I am very proud of this accomplishment, but my biggest pride comes from the fact that I have two sons in the military that have graduated from military college and are LT’s in the Army. That’s my pride. I am also a saved Christian and I read my bible every morning before I start my day. God is so good.


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