Meet the Team

Cella Nelson, Organizer
marcella & bear
My vision for the Georgia Horseback Riding Meetup Group (GHR) is for it to be THE place that horse enthusiasts can come to share their passion for horses with like minded people. My goal is to have something on the calendar for everyone so that members living in any region can find some equine related activity to participate in.

We want to be the place that Georgians come to Ride, Volunteer & Socialize!

About Me
Born and raised outside of London in the UK (known as horse country), its rather curious that I have only recently discovered my passion for horses now that I am in my late forties.

I started riding in May of last year and I have been hooked ever since. I currently take hunter/jumper lessons which I thoroughly enjoy. Someday when I have mastered the basics, I would love to migrate to dressage.

GHR enables me to share my love of horses and inspire people to serve the equine community by volunteering and also learning how to care for these beautiful animals. With every Meetup, I am always learning something new and it is so thrilling to be surrounded by people who share my enthusiasm and love of riding.

Exquisite Equestrian Themed Notecards
Focus on the horse - PFP0000271I am the owner of a company that creates premium quality equestrian themed stationery. We sell beautiful note cards on high quality stock that feature bold and vibrant equestrian photography.

I am working on creating a horse rescue note card collection, called “Rescue Me!” that will be used to raise funds for these organizations that are committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned horses.

Watch the next newsletter for more details of the “Rescue Me!” project.

You can view my collection of exquisite equestrian themed notecards in my online store by visiting Georgia Horseback or by clicking the image on the right.

These note cards are the perfect gift for the horse enthusiast. They are blank inside so they can be used for any occasion.
Life is short. So, Let’s Ride!!!
Cella x

Joan Hall, Assistant Organizer
We are ecstatic to have Joan as part of our team. Joan is tasked with focusing on organizing events for horse owners but also includes non-horse owners whenever possible. If you have suggestions for an event, please feel free to reach out to Joan.

About Joan
member_158770592 - Joan HallSince my teen years I had a faint vision of one day having a horse of my own. This vision was realized 6 years ago when I had a serendipitous encounter that resulted in me buying a Gelding Paint quarter horse at a very reasonable cost. What I thought was going to be a soft and pleasurable place to land after a busy day at work, turned out to be a lot of hard work and added stress.

This experience quickly led to a deep quest for knowledge and understanding about horses and their behavior. As a health psychologist with a nursing background, I was particularly drawn to philosophies and approaches that were horse-centered, gentle, supported by science and best practices, and allowed the horses freedom of expression and choice. I ended up letting go of my Painted Partner after a year and began searching for another horse, but this time I also paid attention to the horse owners.

That is when I found my Spotted Saddle partner, Joey. Joey had a pretty rough past with a young show rider, but was rescued by a woman who was using natural, horse-centered equitation approaches for the two years prior to coming home with me.

I have a passion for reading and learning about horses and have attended experiential clinics with prominent trainers on natural equitation. My journey seeks approaches absent of force and coercion. Joey and I have been together 3 ½ years and while we’ve come a long way developing trust and understanding, there are still so many dances we have yet to have. He is phenomenally gracious and ever so patient with me. It’s an honor to be his human partner.

As a recent transplant to Georgia, I am very excited to be part of the Georgia Horseback Riding Group and look forward to our journey together.


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