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GHR News – March 2014

DSC00631Welcome to Georgia Horseback Riding!
Wow, can you believe it’s already March! Needless to say, Georgia Horseback Riding (GHR), has started off with a bang and we have so much in store for you this year!

Founded in October of last year (its hard to believe that our group is less than six months old!), we have mushroomed to over 290 members and we have completed 62 successful meetups.  We have also introduced countless people to horseback riding, many for the first time, and we have had over 100 people join us to volunteer or to attend our volunteer orientations.  We are definitely making a difference and we could not do it without your support.

We have lots more in store for you in 2014, in the form of more riding, more equine education and more opportunities to volunteer as well as more events for horse owners. We even have a riding vacation to Mexico!!!  (See our May calendar for details.)

So heels down and hold on for a year you won’t forget.

Cella x

PS: Be sure to visit our group on Facebook to participate in our lively conversations  and enjoy even more equine related content. https://www.facebook.com/groups/georgiahorseback/

The Birth of a Group
by Cella
GHR Logo 50%_816976As a newcomer to riding, I was stunned to realize that there were no Meetup groups in the state that catered to my new found passion.  I wanted to work on my riding skills with other people that shared my enthusiasm.  As a result, creating this group was really a no-brainer for me.  I was pretty sure that there were many people out there who wanted to enjoy the equine experience with like minded folks, but were not sure how to begin. 

And I was right! 🙂 Five months and nearly 300 members later, this group has already achieved its mission of opening members up to new experiences and activities with an eye to helping and giving back to the equine community.

Read more here: Meet the Team

Member Spotlight

Save the horses 012014 033 - amosWe would like you to meet Amos, a brand new member that joined Georgia Horseback Riding in early January. But you wouldn’t know it as Amos jumped right in and has already become our most active member.

He commutes in from Gainesville, GA to attend our Meetups and has already attended six, however, this figure does not include the many countless times he has visited the Save the Horses Rescue on his own to tirelessly help out on the farm. Whether it is mucking out stalls, laying shavings or turning out horses, Amos is an incredible team player who works hard and manages to share his warm spirit and enthusiasm to motivate others.

Read more about Amos here.

Survey Says!
horse smile Hopefully by now you have completed the GHR Rider Survey. The results are extremely important to us as they reveal who our members are and the types of events that are of interest.
If you have not taken the survey, please click here or click the Rider Survey icon on the left side of our Meetup home page.

Below are some topline results. Watch this column in future issues where we will showcase more interesting details from the survey.

Who Are Our Members?
GHR’s member composition is 86% female and 14% male.  The majority of you reside in North Fulton (17%), DeKalb (15%), Cobb (14%), and Gwinnett (12%) counties. Among our riders, Western is the most popular riding discipline (69%), followed by English (56%).  

Our Collective Riding Experience
96% of survey respondents indicated that they have some experience in the saddle. More than a third (39%) indicate they are novice or beginner riders and 29% are intermediate riders and 17% classify themselves as experienced.
Source: GHR Rider Survey, March 2014; 116 Responses.

You Are Invited to the Wedding of the Year! wedding invite

Beauty & Patch are two horses who met at the “rescue” and are now inseparable! They’ll be sharing their nuptials under the trees in the grassy lawn at Save The Horses on 3/23 at 2:30pm. Miniature horses will serve as ring bearer & flower girl. A full reception will follow with DJ, dancing, appetizers, pony rides and cash bar. T-shirts are available for sale to commemorate the event.

The happy couple is registered at http://www.gofundme.com/6uee98

Please come & enjoy this family-friendly event — it will be fun! (Please note that the pony rides start at 1:30p.)
Click here to RSVP.

Upcoming Events & Activities Horse-Calendar-2014-2

by Joan Hall
We are planning some exciting activities for the next several months. We appreciate all of the wonderful suggestions and feedback about upcoming and past events. Keep the ideas coming. We will do our best to schedule an activity or showcase the event or organization. Let us know if you would like to organize or host an event. We know that horse related activities can get pretty expensive, so we will keep this in mind while we are exploring creative ways to keep costs down.  

Of the 290+ GHR members, about 47 members indicate they own horses and are experienced riders. We’d love to get suggestions from horse owners about future activities.

Stay Connected
The GHR Facebook page is very active and a great place to post suggestions and to stay connected with other Georgian equestrians. Also when there are issues with Meetup, such as the recent outage, you will be able to stay up to date on the status of our meetings.
The Facebook site is at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/georgiahorseback/

Future Activities
In addition to the ongoing volunteer activities, we have some other activities in the works including:

  • Overnight camping and trail riding
  • Weekend getaways to a horse retreat farm
  • Attending Horse Shows, Polo & Polocrosse Matches, Expos, and educational events
  • Riding the Trails at the Chickamauga Battlefield
  • Attending Hoofs for Heartbeats Beach Ride to benefit American Heart Association (AHA)
  • Non-horse socials (e.g., dinner, brunch, holiday parties)
  • Day trips on horseback
  • Volunteer opportunities

RSVP Early…Make Sure to Update RSVPs ASAP
Keep an eye on our calendar.  We are an active group that posts many events. Some of these events have limited space so you will need to RSVP early as spots fill up quickly.  However, only RSVP if you are sure you can make it.  If plans change, as a courtesy to your fellow members, please update your RSVP as soon as possible so that someone else can attend in your place.

Install The Meetup App
If you own an iPhone or Android, you can easily keep up with your RSVPs by installing the Meetup App. For more information about how to install the Apps, visit The GHR Meetup Message Board: http://www.meetup.com/Georgia-Horseback-Riding/messages/boards/thread/40569592

Tip of the Quarter
By Christine Engstrom
Equestrian sports are dangerous. Every time you ride and see the warning signs you are reminded of the potential for injury. My trainer let me know right away that owning two young horses under the age of 4, usually meant that injury was a matter of when, not if. My accident was June 2012. I had a lesson on a schoolmaster horse, had the best ride ever on my three and a half year old, and had my four-year-old project pony left to ride. I made a couple laps on the grassy area when it happened. Unexpectedly, a large black snake appeared under us. While the snake lay still yet visible, my horse reared while I held on, and then as he lurched to the right, I was catapulted into the air. I’m no spring chicken and sure enough, I landed with a big thud against the rocky part of the driveway.

Read more about Creating a Medical Crisis Plan here.

Check Your Meetup Profile
horse jumping bw

We noticed that some members do not have an updated location noted on their Meetup profile account. If you have recently moved, please update your meetup account to reflect your new location. We are using this information to build a database for our members, whereby members will be able to reach out to each other and arrange rides, carpools, etc.

Follow this link for instructions on how to update your Location on Meetup:

Ideas, please
smart-horse-notIf you have an idea, suggestion or information to share on upcoming shows, clinics, etc., please let us know.  We are also looking forward to your reviews of lesson barns and trainers to help us make decisions about future activities.  Please share your experience with the group.  A discussion area was created at the following link for your reviews and suggestions:

Exquisite Equestrian Notecards
If you are passionate about horses, you will love our line of exquisite equestrian notecards.
Click the image below to visit our store.
Georgia Horseback

GHR Is Giving Back!
GHR members support several non-profit organizations in Georgia whose mission is to rescue horses, prevent abuse and neglect, promote equine health, and promote human health through holistic equitation. As we expand our membership, we look forward to hosting fundraising opportunities to support these and other non-profit organizations with their important mission.

Read more about the organizations that we support here.

Advertise your Non-profit Organization
GHR is dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations whose mission is to rescue horses from neglect, abuse, and slaughter and/or promote human wellness using equine assisted therapeutic approaches by hosting and promoting volunteer opportunities. If you have a 501(c)(3) organization with a similar mission and would like to advertise your organization in the GHR quarterly newsletter for an annual fee of $30.00, 100% of this fee will be re-purposed and donated to our supporting organizations. For more information about advertising your organization, contact Joan Hall at: info@georgiahorsebackriding.org.

Get Involved
For more information on how you can contribute to upcoming issues of the GHR Quarterly Newsletter, please contact Joan Hall at info@gorgiahorsebackriding.org.

Who do I call to report horse abuse or neglect?
To report a case of equine abuse, call the Georgia Department of Agriculture Equine Division
Monday – Friday | 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
404-656-3713 or 800-282-5852

If you would like the Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL) to assist you with an abuse call:
(770) 464-0138

The horse pictured below has not received proper care. This horse suffers from malnutrition. (Source: GERL)

gerl abused animal event_324411782

What is abuse/neglect?
Abuse of equines could be defined many ways depending in which context you are speaking and to whom. In Websters dictionary abuse is defined as; to hurt by treating badly; mistreatment; causing injury.

Neglect is defined in Webster’s as; not to care for sufficiently or properly; slight; to treat as unimportant, through carelessness or by intention.

Keep Informed of Equestrian Events & Activities
Georgia Horse EventsOur member, June Brewer, owns a site called Georgia Horse Events. Its your one stop for equine news and events in the state of Georgia. Like Georgia Events on Facebook to keep on top of the latest equestrian news: http://www.facebook.com/GAHorseEvents

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